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Logan Sinns

Logan Sinns takes two loads all over her face

Today, we ripped what's remaining of Logan Sinn's dignity from her with humiliation and degradation. Putting such an innocent sweet heart through the horrors...


Jade Rose

Jade Rose takes cum all over her chubby face

And in this corner... weighing in at 215, Jade Rose. Wow... I don't think I ever filmed a fatty before. They're disgusting. The things these hogs will do for attention... it's shameful.


Yesenia Sparkles

Yesenia Sparkles gets her face blated with jizz

I think this is a first here, well... definitely a first for me. Yesenia Sparkles has a master's degree. In what, I have no idea... but she's a master at sucking a fucking cock...


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Indigo Lotus

Indigo Lotus swallows hot jizz

Indigo Lotus is a tall newbie with a craving for cock and cum. I asked if she would put forth the effort and give an awesome performance, because honestly... on the surface...


Holly North

Holly North Sperm Suckers

Lots of whores come to our studio telling us how much they love to eat cum. Few actually do. Holly actually does. She enjoyed having a big cock in her mouth, sucking all the ball juice...


Charlie Baby

Charlie Baby plays with cum in her mouth before swalloing

Charlie Baby is brand new to porn. She's a petite alt weirdo with a natural skill at consuming hard cocks. She's one of those types that just looks good with a dick in her mouth.


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Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks gets a facial after taking huge white cocks

Sasha Banks is an up and coming black whore, trying her hardest to make a name for herself. She was on social media bitching and moaning that no one is hiring black models. We are...


Layla Ray

Layla Ray gets pumped with lots of jizz onGhetto Gaggers

Honestly, no one remembered this whore. She was here before and I'm sure she did great, but not a single soul in the studio cared to remember her first visit.



Yummy takes cum shot after some rough throat fucking

Yummy is a hot first timer with big black natural tits, that are just busting out of her corset. Obviously, she's a stripper in some hood club where handjobs and blowjobs take place in the...


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Scarlet Ray

Scarlet Ray is a lean Ebony Cum Dump. She stands about 5'10" and weighs only about 100 pounds. She also has a nice set of rock hard fake tits. The chick knows her way around the cock.


London Storm

London Storm is a sexy little cock whore who craves hard white dicks in her mouth. Fortunately for her, we had one on tap. London is the type I personally like. She's tight, young looking...


Kennedy Monroe

There are few things people can truly fake in life. Being a genuine cock whore isn't one of them. We know the frauds when we see them. Kennedy Monroe is legit. She is the truth. This cock pig... 


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Cara Sky

Cara Sky gets face fucked before taking a huge load to her face

Here's a perfect example of how some girls turn into porn stars and others are just updates, never to be cared for again. Cara Sky is the latter. She's pretty much useless...


Kandy Reign

Kandy Reign gets her face frosted with jizz

Kandy Reign is 21 years old. She already has 3 kids and is down on her luck with money. She's been in jail for basically mugging someone. Long story short... she's a complete waste...


Nikki Shay

Latina Throats Nikki Shay gets a sticky facial

Nikki Shay... the 90 pound fuck stick that no one thought would hang, proved to us that big whores come in small packages. I know I'm not the only one who gets a massive boner watching...